Want  To  Help?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Like what I am doing and want to help? Below is a link to the Three Top Studio Patreon page, and GoFundMe page, as well as contact information if you would like to get involved in other ways. 

With the support of community, friends, and patrons Tree Top Studio can grow into a larger creative community, where myself and other artist can have support, space, and a platform to express ones self freely. 


What will Tree Top Studio do with extra financial support? 

1. Upgrade music equipment. Buy new music equipment so there can be more freedom to experiment and create truly original compositions.


2. Invest in more sculpting and art making materials for more visually dynamic installations. 


3. Invest in payed internships. Doing this I can bring in extra hands for the company and help young artists hone there skills in a live work space.


4. Get Art merchandise produced so Tree Top Studio can crate another form of income. 


5. Provide income for the owner Melissa, so she can spend more time on Tree Top Studio and less time at other side jobs


6. Bring in other professional artists to

expand the versatility of creative pursuits in order to grow a more dynamic vision. In a perfect world, I would bring in Musicians, Sculptors, Painters, Animators, Photographers, Video Artists, Graphic Designers, Social Media Artist and Business Management.    

     Donate  Here                 for  Patreon

What  is  Patreon?

Patreon is subscription based donation. It sets up automatic payments every month so Patrons can support their favorite Artists/Innovators regularly and get access to special content that is only available to members. 


If you chose to become a Tree Top Studio Patron you will receive updated news letters and special addition limited print stickers. As Tree Top Studio grows so will the goodie Bags!     


Thank  You  for Your  Suppot!

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Contact Information 

Melissa Mariano 



Donate  Here  for GoFundMe

What  is  GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a one time donation. I am using this platform to specifically raise money for individual projects. 

Currently I have a fundraiser posted for my residency at the Umbrella Arts Center. I have set a gaol to raise $853 to cover materials and supplies. I will be filming music videos with plans to build a life size art installations to use as a set. More info is posted on the Tree Top Studio GoFundMe Page


Supply List for Residency...

Filming Light Set                                  $ 55
Camera Dolly Set/Track                      $ 120
Live Plants and Cut Flowers               $ 300
Costume Material                                 $ 75
Dressform Tripod stand                       $ 103
Misc. Painting/Installation Supplies   $ 200                                                            Total: $ 853